Larry Mayell – Water-Wastewater-Environmental

Water, Wastewater and Environmental

Calgary Airport Authority – Master Plan Update 2012 for Sewer, Water and Storm Drainage – Project Manager: The main objective of the updates were to provide  updated Management Master Plans for the sanitary, water and storm systems in order to assess how the airport authority will provide a reliable system to meet the future expansion and development of servicing needs. The Master Plan included an update of the existing systems, recent studies, improvements, future developments and provided recommendations for expanding and integrating with the existing systems within the limits of the Calgary Airport Authority. (2012)

City of Calgary, Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant – Project Manager for design and contract administration of air supply line replacement. Capital Cost: $250,000. (2012)

Town of Strathmore, East Calgary Regional Waterline – Project Director for design and construction of 42 km waterline. The waterline provided the town with treated potable water from the City of Calgary. This substantial project was divided into seven contracts including the final contract which included Weed Lake. Budget: $42,000,000. (2007-2009)

Water Treatment Plants: Bonnechere, Bon Echo, White Lake, Sandbanks, Ontario Parks, Ministry of Natural Resources – Project Manager for design of four water treatment plants. The scope of work included assessment of the site hydrology and hydrogeology, water sampling of raw water and treated water, assessment of the facility’s compliance with Ontario Regulation 459/00 and the Ontario Drinking Water Standards. In addition, the existing septic systems at each facility were inspected for compliance with existing guidelines. (2005)

Madsen Water Treatment Plant, Township of Red Lake, ON – Project Manager on detailed design for upgrading the Madsen Water Treatment Facility for the Municipality of Red Lake based on the Engineers Report for the facility and an Environmental Study Report. Specific upgrades to the chlorination facility included the addition of full chemically assisted filtration, control modifications, pump upgrades and monitoring to meet the new Ontario Drinking Water Regulations. (2003-2005)

Fort Frances Landfill, Project Manager – Operations planning and Certificate of Approvals extension.

Towland Hewitson, Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager – Obtained Certificate of Approvals (MOE) for salt transfer station.

Bowater Camp 517, Thunder Bay, ON Project Manager – Modification to Certificate of Approvals (MOE) for Bowater Camp 517 landfill forestry camp.

Mount McKay Wood Waste Landfill, Bowater, Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager – Landfill closure, leachate control, methane gas collection.

Various Projects, City of Calgary, Calgary, AB – Project Manager (1993-1996) Projects included:

­ Shepard, Nosehill, East Calgary Active Landfills; Ogden and Blackfoot Closed Landfills – Project Manager – Designed and supervised environmental control projects including landfill liner and leachate collection systems, gas extraction and control systems, and groundwater collection and groundwater intercept systems for active and inactive landfills.

Shepard, Nosehill, East Calgary Active Landfills; Ogden and Blackfoot Closed Landfills – Project Manager – Prepared contract specifications and contract tenders, special conditions, project cost estimates, overall project planning, and coordination.

Shepard, Nosehill, East Calgary Active Landfills – Project Manager – Developed operational plans for all active landfill sites in conjunction with the overall landfill design and development process.

Shepard, Nosehill, East Calgary Active Landfills Project Manager – Prepared terms of reference and proposal calls for selected consultants for specialized environmental studies; evaluated and recommended award of consultant contracts.

Spyhill Landfill Site, Project Manager – Supervised the Solid Waste Services Division’s interests in the gravel mining and landfilling project at the Spyhill Landfill site.

Solid Waste Services Division – Project Manager – Developed terms of reference for special projects related to operations and capital projects. Also coordinated IT (Information Technology) projects related to software and hardware development acquisition, and networking of computers.

Blackfoot Landfill Site – Project Manager – Stabilized reclamation of unstable slopes caused by leachate breakout. Eliminated leachate outbreak at Blackfoot Landfill site where leachate was leaching out the side slope. Implemented stormwater management design and averted the drainage of leachate into stormwater outfalls. Corrected methane gas escape problems at several buildings near.

Blackfoot Landfill Site and Ogden Landfill: Project Manager – Modified leachate collection system, landfill liner, and cap designs for active city landfills.