Larry Mayell – Transportation


Southeast Stoney Trail Project, Alberta Transportation, Calgary, AB – Project Manager for design of Section 5 (six in total) of Alberta
Transportation’s Southeast Stoney Trail Project (SEST), and design lead for drainage on sections 3 to 6 and utilities design lead for sections 1 to 6. Southeast Stoney Trail extends from the north side of the Stoney Trail/17th Avenue SE intersection, head south along Calgary’s east perimeter to Highway 22X, then west to the east side of the Highway 22X/MacLeod for a total of 25 kilometres of six-lane roads, nine interchanges, on
e road flyover, two rail flyovers, and 27 bridge structures. Construction value: $769,000,000. (2009-2013 SNC Lavalin)


Northeast Anthony Henday P3 Bid Proposal, Alberta Transportation, Edmonton, AB – Project Manager/Lead for the Northeast Anthony Henday P3 design bid on water resources, municipal and utilities protection. The Northeast Anthony Henday Drive project includes construction from Manning Drive to Whitemud Drive (east), reconstruction of Yellowhead Trail from east of the North Saskatchewan River to east of Sherwood Drive, and reconstruction of Sherwood Park Freeway from west of 17 Street. This is the single largest highway construction project the province has undertaken to date with 27 kilometres of six- and eight-lane divided roadway, nine interchanges, two road flyovers, eight rail crossings (flyovers), and two bridges across the North Saskatchewan River, for a total of 48 bridge structures. (2012 SNC Lavalin))

CentrePort Canada Way Design-Build Project, Winnipeg, Manitoba (2011): Provided hydrologic and hydraulic design openings; hydraulic assessment of existing and proposed conditions; and designs for infrastructure box culverts, bridges, canals, etc.(2009-2012 SNC Lavalin)

Ohio River Bridges Crossing Bid Proposal, Project Manager/Lead for Water Resources Design –  Kentucky and Indiana are working together to meet the cross-river transportation needs of the Louisville and Southern Indiana region through construction of the Ohio River Bridges Project, one of the largest transportation improvements in the nation. Kentucky is responsible for the Downtown Crossing while Indiana is responsible for the East End Crossing. (2013 SNC Lavalin)

Clearwater County BF 77944 and BF 77945 Replacement, Project Manager: BF 77944 is an 1800 mm diameter by 61 m long SPCSP on a 45 degree skew crossing a Tributary to Prentice Creek and provides 8.5 m of clear road width.  BF 77945 is an 1829 mm diameter by 33.5 m long SPCSP also crossing a Tributary to Prentice Creek and provides 8.5 m of clear road width.(2014)

County of Red Deer BF 1280, Project Manager: BF 1280 is located on Twp Rd 352 Over Ghostpine Creek. The culvert was replaced with a 2500 mmm SPCSP. This project was a high fill embankment.(2014)

Wetaskiwin County BF 1895, Project Manager: BF 1895 is Over Pipestone Creek. The structure was a 3.4m high by 10.7m wide by 17.8m long aluminum box culvert, which accommodated flow, drift and agricultural traffic concerns for a relatively economical price.(2014)

Culvert Design Reports for Culvert Installation, Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, SK, Project Manager – Reports included the completion of a desktop hydrological study, site inspection, stakeholder consultation, topographic survey, option identification, hydraulic analysis, option evaluation and recommendations. (2012-2014 SNC Lavalin) –    C.S. 18-16 near Frontier;­    C.S. 221-01 -1.9 km West of the Junction of Highway No. 21.;­    CS 3-13 – Highway 3-13 At Km 20.0­    CS 3-13 – Highway 3-13 At Km 41.76

Town of Carstairs, Carstairs, AB – Project Director for town engineering and planning projects while Manager of Community Infrastructure for UMA/AECOM – Calgary. Projects included providing general engineering services for all non-project base assignments, including the technical review of Area Structural Plans, Functional Service Studies, Transportation Impact Assessment, and Subdivision and Mechanical site plan submission by private developers. Coordination of field inspections of subdivision and mechanical site, drafting and asset management support of Town’s office and field staff. (2007-2009)

Town of Strathmore, Strathmore, ABProject Director for town engineering and planning projects while Manager of Community Infrastructure for UMA/AECOM – Calgary (2007-2009). Projects included Town’s business, capital planning and asset management planning, miscellaneous surveys, drafting, drawing development, and other miscellaneous work requested by the Town.