Larry Mayell – Land Development-Municipal-Buildings

Land Development, Municipal Engineering and Building Construction

Lansdowne Equity Ventures (LEV)-Project Manager for preparation and negotiation of claims under the province’s Emergency Measures Act. Hampton Hills Subdivsion, High River was the worst hit of all subdivisions as a result of flooding on June 19, 2013. Lansdowne Equity Ventures (LEV) – developer of Hampton Hills – had a Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) inspection, of the eligible Phase 2 roads, completed a month before the flood. Subsequent to the flood a substantial list of additional deficiencies were noted on [previously approve works. Successful in assisting LEV obtaining a confidential settlement.(2015-2016)

Sanitary Servicing Studies (SSS), Mediated Solutions, Calgary, AB – Independent Review for the development of sanitary servicing studies for three neighborhoods – 14th St NW & 23rd Ave NW Block; 26th Ave NE & Centre St; 8th St SE & 17th Ave SE – in accordance with City of Calgary’s SSS guidelines. Based on expected population density increase, servicing plans and additional significant issues relevant to the development were analyzed and designs recommended. (2015)

Wilsons Beach Estates, Project Manager: The project is located on approximately 54.3 hectares of land within Lacombe County on the SW1/4 Sec. 14-41-28-W4M. The development includes 92 acreage style lots serviced via a communal ground water and sanitary system, and an overland drainage system incorporated into the internal transportation network. Construction of the 27 lot Phase 1 commenced in Q4 of 2012.One of the developer’s goals for the Wilson’s Beach Estates development was to create a community that maintained as much of the natural environmental beauty as possible.  Environmental aspects of this development included constructed wetlands, natural ponds, an existing seasonal creek, and large open areas.   (2014-2015)

Pelican View Estates, Project Manager: The development is a 37 acre project located within NE 8-41-20-W4M, Camrose County. The property fronts onto Buffalo Lake – the largest lake in central Alberta, with Township Road 412 along the north boundary of the site. (2014-2015)

Lighthouse Pointe, Project Manager: development is located in Sylvan Lake, on approximately 63 ha of land, located at NE¼ 27-38-1-W5. The development is to contain a mixture of residential housing types. (2014-2016)

Dundurn International Exhibition Centre (DIEC), Stormwater Design – Project Manager: This project is the first of its kind, global commodity trade complex, in North America. The complex will consist of showrooms of consumer and industrial goods of various Asian factories. This model will make it cost effective and efficient for domestic buyers to work directly with Asian factories – without leaving North America.(2014)

Town of High River – Structural Inspection of 87 homes, Project Manager and Inspector: Subsequent to the flood of June 2013, Larry was responsible for the inspection of 87 houses for structural integrity before rehabilitation could commence.(2013)

Spring Garden Calgary Transit Development Project, Calgary, Alberta (2011): Project Manager Responsible for the design and planning of sewer, water, storm water management, site grading for lot. (2012)

Suncor Airport Expansion Project, Firebag, Alberta (2011): Project Manager responsible for engineering review of existing system for water and sewage and final engineering design.

Town of Strathmore, Strathmore, ABProject Director for town engineering and planning projects while Manager of Community Infrastructure for UMA/AECOM – Calgary (2007-2009). Projects included Town’s business, capital planning and asset management planning, miscellaneous surveys, drafting, drawing development, and other miscellaneous work requested by the Town.  Sample projects:

  • ­Environmental Appeals Board Hearing 2007 – Project involved provision of project management and technical support in the Environmental Appeals Board hearing, related to the notices of appeal filed by the Siksika Nation regarding an amending approval issue by Alberta Environment to the Town of Strathmore for their wastewater system allowing construction of a pipeline and the discharge of treated waste water into the Bow River. (2007)
  • ­East Calgary Regional Water Pipeline from Calgary to Strathmore – Alignment Study, Town of Strathmore, Strathmore, ABProject Manager responsible for reporting the feasibility of various pipeline alignments from the City of Calgary’s transmission system to the Town of Strathmore, Chestermere, Langdon and Wheatland County.
  • ­East Calgary Regional Water Pipeline from Calgary to Strathmore – Design and Construction, Town of Strathmore, Strathmore, AB – Project Principal for the regional water line from the City of Calgary to the communities of Chestermere and Strathmore, with provisions for MD of Rocky View and Wheatland County.

District of Sparwood, Sparwood, BC – Project Director for miscellaneous town projects including Sparwood Drive extension; Cherrywood Subdivision design and construction; Salsnes Filter Replacement at WWTP; municipal building upgrades; pedestrian bridge design and construction. (2007-2009)

Public Works and Government Services – Project Manager on projects in Alberta and Manitoba including:

Stoney Mountain Jail, Manitoba – Security Fence. Fees: $140,000 (2012)

Lethbridge Research Centre, Lethbridge, AB – Sanitary Sewer System and lift station evaluation and upgrades. Fees: $60,000 (2012)

Forestry Research Centre, Edmonton, AB – Watermain replacement. Fees: $100,000 (2012)

­ Silverhorn and Waterfowl Campground, Banff National Parks – Master Plan and preliminary design of park infrastructure and layouts. Fees: $300,000 (2012-2013)

City of Lethbridge, Master Development Plan, Lethbridge, AB – Project Director. Fees: $500,000 (2009)

City of Red Deer and County of Red Deer, Joint Planning Initiative – Project Director. Fees: $500,000 (2009)

Parks Foundation Calgary, Perimeter Pathway Design and Tender – Project Director. Fees: $3,000,000 (2009)

Koocanusa Resort, near Sparwood, BC – Project Director of planning and design of this 450 lot resort. (2009)

Genstar – Land Development projects including engineering, planning and landscape design. Division Manager for UMA|AECOM overseeing four departments of Planning, Landscape Architecture, Land Development and Municipal Engineering. (2007-2009)

Willow Creek Subdivision, Encore Prime Developments, Calgary, AB – Project Director for completion and revision of design for this 160 acre, 52 lot rural subdivision, to meet development approvals of the Municipal District of Rockyview. Also required design and implementation of wetlands project for stormwater and wetlands replacement. Value: $9,000,000. (2007-2009)

Hampton Hills Subdivision, Lansdowne Equity Ventures, High River, AB, Phase 1 and 2 – Project Director for completion of FAC`s in Phase 1 and remediation of failed pavement structure of Phase 2. (2007-2009)

Hamptons Subdivision, Lansdowne Equity Ventures, Lloydminster, AB – Project Director for completion of FAC`s and remediation of drainage issues. Value: $7,000,000. (2007-2009)

Whisky Jack Subdivision, Jack Resort, Sparwood, BC – Project Director for the completion of design and construction of Phase 1.  Value: $10,000,000. (2007-2009)

Lloydminster Heritage Estates, Lansdowne Equity Ventures, Lloydminster, AB – Project Manager for pavement design and construction for replacement of failed pavement structure. Value: $1,200,000. (2009)

King Street Medical Centre, Cobourg, ONProject Manager of design/build of 40,000 sq. ft. King Street Medical Centre, complete with leasehold improvements for all tenants. Value: $5,500,000. (1996-1998)

Cobourg Condominiums, Cobourg, ON – Project Manager of design/build 3-storey 9-unit luxury condominium project ($2,000,000) and two executive homes ($1,000,000). (1996-1998)

Cobourg Professional Group, Leasehold improvements Cobourg, ON – Project Manager. Responsibilities included budget control and cost estimating of projects; prepared site plan applications and building permits; changed designs to meet preset budgets; hired and supervised architects and engineers during design and construction; prequalified and invited subcontractors to tender projects; acted as the general contractor for all projects; and acted as client representative at meetings with city planners, engineers, council, committees and general public. (1996-1998)

Victoria College, Cobourg, ON – Project Manager – Obtained site plan approval for 400-unit seniors’ development. (1996-1998)

Scenic Acres Subdivision, Calgary, AB – Design Lead of sewer, water and stormwater systems. (1987)

Brooks Subdivision Brooks, AB – Design Lead – Design and stormwater modeling. (1987)

Camrose, City Centre Mall Development, Thunder Bay, ON. – Project Manager for design and contract administration of 50 acre commercial development built for Canadian Tire, Home Depot and other box stores. (2001-2005)

City of Thunder Bay, Fort William Road Improvements, Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager for design and construction; watermain, sanitary and storm sewer design; tender and specifications; site inspection and quality control.

River Terrace Residential Subdivision, Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager for design and contract administration of 300 lot subdivision (2001-2007)

Home Depot Outlet – Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager – Design of parking lots, stormwater, site services. (2005)

William W. Creighton Youth Centre – Project Manager – Sanitary sewer services connection. (2005)

Sherwood Estates Stage 4a Subdivision design, Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager for roads, sewer, water and storm design and site inspection. (2005-2007)

Thunder Bay International Airport, Industrial Park Subdivision, Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager for design and construction services for new 48 acre light industrial subdivision design; sewer, water and storm design; highway intersection design; public participation; MTO Class EA and Municipal Class EA process. (2005-2007)

Thunder Bay Regional Hospital, Thunder Bay, ON, River Terrace Watermain – Project Manager for watermain service design. (2005)

City of Thunder Bay, Design and Installation of Watermain under Mission River, Thunder Bay, ON Project Manager. The City of Thunder Bay replaced the water supply lines to Mission Island an industrial park area. The existing watermains under the Mission River were two 300-mm diameter cast iron pipes. These were replaced with one 500 mm diameter HDPE pipe using directional drilling methods. The project involved the installation of 500 m of 500-mm HDPE pipe that included a 230-m crossing under the Mission River and 120-m width of CN Railway tracks. (2005-2007)

City of Thunder Bay, Installation of Sewer Force Main under Kaministiquia River, Bowater, Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager – Responsible for the installation of a sewer force main connected to the leachate collection system of Bowater’s Mt McKay Landfill Project. Force main was installed using directional drilling equipment to cross under 250 metres of river channel. (2005)

City of Thunder Bay Design and Installation of Electrical and Communication Utility Conduits under Kaministiquia River, Thunder Bay Hydro, Thunder Bay, ON Project Manager. The intent of the crossing was to facilitate a casing duct system under the Kaministiquia River near the Bascule (Jack-knife) Bridge in Thunder Bay onto Mission Island. The casings included three casing/ducts for installation of three hydro transmission cables, one communication cable, and one spare duct. The project involved the directional drilling of five 185-m long, HDPE DR 11 conduits under the Kaministiquia River.

Bowater Pulp and Paper, Stormwater Management Report, Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager – Conducted a stormwater management study at the Bowater, Thunder Bay site. The Ministry of Environment (MOE) guidelines “Municipal/Industrial Strategy for Abatement (MISA) Guidelines” requires that all stormwater in contact with present or past process activities be discharged through monitored outflows. The objective of the project was to identify potential methods of obtaining MISA compliance for the site’s stormwater discharge. The study involved the delineation of catchment areas established through a complete topographic survey of the site and the storm drain system. Stormwater mitigative measures were prioritized based upon risk and capital cost. Potential storage areas were also established.

Bowater Pulp and Paper Material Transfer Sites / Stormwater Run-off Control, Thunder Bay, ON Project Manager. This project included the regrading and paving of two yard areas to contain and control contaminated runoff and leachate and to redirect those flows through existing controlled effluent discharges. The foundation design required the use of geotextile and geogrids to stabilize the base over a wood chip and hog fuel landfill area. Controlled runoff is processed through the existing Chemical Plant Acid Sewer.

Bowater Pulp and Paper Effluent Treatment Plant Evaluation, Bowater, Thunder Bay, ON Project Manager. The effluent treatment plant consists of four primary clarifiers: two serving the newsprint mill and two serving the kraft mill. Biological treatment takes place in two trains of multicell reactors using pure oxygen of a proprietary OASIS design. The kraft mill has two secondary clarifiers and the news mill has one secondary clarifier. KGS Group (led by Larry Mayell) in partnership with Sandwell undertook the following (2000):

City of Thunder Bay 900 mm Force Main Installation, Thunder Bay, ON – Project Manager for design and contract administration – Directional Drilling: existing service area for the Wabigoon Drive Sewage Lift Station; ultimate service area for the Wabigoon Drive Sewage Lift Station. (2000)

City of Dryden Sanitary and Storm Sewer flooding in Hilldale Subdivision – Project Manager. Scope of work included expert services for the modelling of existing sanitary and storm systems in regards to basement flooding issues experienced in the subdivision in 1998, 1999 and 2001. Modelled system with XPSWMM; prepared reports on design and operations related to city’s liability for the storm events. (2001)

City of Dryden, Wabigoon Sewage Lift Station – Project Manager. Determined capacity of new lift station; designed new lift station and associated sewage works (force main); provided decommission and demolition plans for old station. (2001)