Larry Mayell – Hydraulics-Hydrology

Hydraulics and Hydrology

Western Irrigation District – District Engineer: Led the planning, design and construction of the Western Irrigation District’s (WID) irrigation works rehabilitation. This role was responsible for the technical evaluation, maintenance and capital works for the canal, reservoir and pipe systems to meet the future water delivery and operations requirements of the district.  Responsibilities at WID included: assessing and planning of operations and maintenance and capital works projects; preparing funding applications for maintenance and capital projects; leading the engineering department, hiring consultants, tendering and supervising construction projects. The Western Irrigation District consists of over 1200 sq. miles of area and 95,000 acres of irrigated land. Water to the district is supplied by flow from the Bow River at Calgary, May to October. The water conveyance systems consist of natural stream beds and man-made canals, ditches, pipelines and reservoirs. The three main canal systems run from west to east in Canals A, B and C, along with smaller secondary canals running to irrigated lands.

Sample WID Projects: (1985-1993)

  • ­    Secondary B Canal Station 0+000 to 5+000 – $9,000,000.
  • ­    Secondary B Canal Headworks Structure – $500,000.
  • ­    Secondary B Canal pipe Drop Structure @station 0+5000 -$200,000.
  • ­    Salt Lake Spillway Channel/ pipeline station 0+000 to 4+600 – $3,000,000.
  • ­    Rockyford Reservoir and pipeline joint venture with Pan Canadian – $2,000,000.
  • ­    Dalemead Reservoir and pipeline – $250,000.
  • ­    Secondary B Canal tree clearing/bank maintenance Station 25+000 to 35+000 – $1,500,000.
  • ­    Secondary A Canal tree clearing/bank maintenance Station 12+000 to 18+000 – $1,200,000.
  • ­    Salt Lake Reservoir/Ducks Unlimited joint supply reservoir – $250,000.
  • ­    Reduced overall system length of pipelines and canals by 30% as a result of an overall system assessment designed to meet the financial restrictions in a sustainable manner by year 2000 (WID 2000 report).

Other Hydraulics Projects (1985-1990)

Designed and managed water resource and municipal projects (Alberta) in areas of hydraulics, structures, hydrology, drainage, water supply, computer modelling, and computer program application for Irrigation District’s and Municipalities in Alberta.

  • ­    Snake Lake Reservoir Chute Structure Design, Eastern Irrigation District – $750,000.
  • ­    Snake Lake Reservoir dam design, Eastern Irrigation District – $3,500,000.
  • ­    St Mary’s Canal mini hydro feasibility study and predesign – $4,000
  • ­    Lateral 04C – Springbank Canal, EID, Station 0+000 to 3+200 – $2,500,000.
  • ­    Hansen Reservoir Spillway Structure, Red Deer, $300,000.
  • ­    Sheep River and 1:100 year flood plain Study – Town of Okotoks.
  • ­    City of Calgary water use study on Bow River.
  • ­    Flood routing and 1:100-year flood study – Oldman River.(Master’s Thesis)
  • ­    Graham Creek Reservoir and Spillway Design and Construction, WID – $220,000.
  • ­    Eastern Irrigation District headworks predesign station 0+000 to 5+000 – $15,000,000.
  • ­    Prepared project contracts and specifications; tendered projects and awarded contracts for Eastern Irrigation District, Western irrigation District and St. Mary’s Irrigation District.
  • ­    Modified Fortran code for the modelling of irrigation delivery systems in Southern Alberta. Modelled canal and reservoir systems for two irrigation water systems for over 500,000 acres of irrigated land and 2000 km of system in Southern Alberta.